Amnesia Scanner


In just a couple of years, the mysterious duo who make up Amnesia Scanner has been responsible for generating a sound entity in constant mutation, more rare and fascinating with each release. Sound, though, is just a small part of the whole of Amnesia Scanner. In live performances they reach us in all their strange splendor. They call it XperienZ, (in fact, they’re considered XperienZ designers over anything else). It’s a moment of absolute sensorial invasion in which a mixture of lights, images, ambience, bass, techno, dark wave, and noise attempt to break the space time-structure and putting us onto a completely sci-fi plane.

Performances by Amnesia Scanner have been most outstanding at the 2018 editions of the Sónar and CTM Festivals and on “AS Chaos.” Their most recent track, in collaboration with Pan Daijin, it’s a powerful dagger cutting across the dancefloor with an experimental edge. Though they prefer to stay in the shadows, we know that Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala, the two Finns behind AS, are in a constant creative exchange with Janus and UNO NYC, two of the crews establishing the vanguard in music and digital art. Before taking on their current identity, the two produced techno as Renaissance Man.