Danielle is a DJ and Illustrator from London, currently based in Bristol. She credits finding her place in music to her dad. With her interest developing after starting work at Phonica Records at the age of 18 – where she spent fruitful, formative years building her personal collection and honing her tastes. 10 years of working at the shop expanded her musical education, and has been vital in keeping her up to date with the newest dance music being released. Her sets feature an impressive range of genres drawing from an informed selection of old school house cuts, into bass, electro, new-wave, EBM, UK techno and beyond. Over the last few years she has had the chance to play at some of Bristol's best parties including Timedance, Livity Sound and Young Echo, and at some of the World’s best clubs such as Corsica Studios, Oval Space, Griessmuehle and Fabric. In addition to all this she hosts regular NTS shows, and is one of the mentors at the increasingly popular Bristol-based DJ workshop ‘Mix Nights’.