For Christian Emmett, better known by his moniker Gangus, music is a lifelong pursuit - more like a compulsion than a career. His musical journey began in North Carolina and after graduating high school led him to Orlando, Florida, where he pursued an audio engineering degree. After completing his bachelor's, Gangus found a fitting home in Colorado, where the late Dr. Derg opened up his couch to Christian so that he could plant new roots in Denver. Gangus’s energetic, ever-evolving sound fuses his insatiable musical imagination and educated ear with a diverse array of stylistic influences: metal, hip-hop, dubstep, and trap, just to name a few. His position alongside artists like Tsuruda and Woolymammoth on the cutting-edge Courteous Family roster reflects the sophisticated producer’s forward thinking sound. Whether he’s in the studio or behind the decks, Christian aims to share the joy music brings to him with anybody willing to listen. In a commercial culture shaped by cookie-cutter tracks and hollow marketing schemes, Gangus reminds us what genuine artistry is all about.