Following the vision of an artistic universe which fluctuates between hypnotic rhythms, dark and mind-blowing emotions, constantly looking to reach the “mental & Melodic” aspect into Techno Music, Kas:st are the French-born, Barcelona based-duo and owner of Flyance Records.

End of 2016 they have released on their own label, a substantial project entitled “Dysphoria I Euphoria” : 2 double EPs with 4 original tracks and 4 remixes on each one. Thus, they have surrounded themselves with artists closed to their musical style : Shlømo and AWB from Taapion label, Anetha, Blocaus’parties resident, Detroit’s legend Luke Hess, English artists Setaoc Mass and Deepbass, Monocline Re:Axis’ label owner, and HVL, the resident of Bassiani’s parties in Georgia.

Since, Kas:st’s discography has grown with standout releases for Taapion Records, Concrete Music, Materia and ARTS.

In order to always push innovation and evolve their music, they launched in September 2018 their project "Road To Nowhere". The project is to share one original track per month during a year, exploring a variety of musical landscapes. There will be a Vinyl edition at the end, with all the tracks they issued throughout the year.

All the while they have performed their DJ and Live-set in many clubs and some festivals in Europe and beyond like, Concrete, Hors Series, Instytut, Rex Club, Trésor…

2019 will be for them the occasion, thru different new releases, projects and Live performances, to push forward their vision of Modern Techno.