THE AMERICAS: james@surefireagency.com

Five years and two albums into his solo adventure, Paul de Jong invites you into his musical diner where everybody gets an earful. From his bottomless sample library de Jong spins you an abstract but no less true story of obscure americana and unsettling fantasies from the darkest crevices of the universal mind. Navigating his cellos (or what used to be cellos),  his trusted bass guitar, a screaming backpack, a vinyl body suit and various useless props de Jong is aided on stage by Jennifer Cavanaugh, the fine vocalist featured on the title song of his latest album YOU FUCKEN SUCKER.

Dutch cellist and composer Paul de Jong is probably best known as co-founder of beloved collage-pop eccentrics, the Books (1999-2011). After the band’s breakup, de Jong embarked on a journey of musical, literary and visual discovery which to date has resulted in two albums of new music ‘IF’ (2015) and ‘YOU FUCKEN SUCKER’ (2018), concert performances, lectures and impromptu appearances, video installations and screen prints, collaborations with colleagues young and elderly, and the unlocking of his vast archive of fringe media aka the ‘Mall of Found’ to a succession of resident artists and researchers of all nations, walks and ages.