Roly Porter


Roly began his career as part of production duo Vex’d alongside Kuedo, releasing two albums, Degenerate and Cloud Seed, both on Planet Mu along with several singles on Bristol’s Subtext imprint. He later returned to Subtext under his own name to begin a solo project, releasing – Aftertime and Life Cycle of a Massive Star – which were both listed in Fact Magazine’s Albums of the Year. He was invited to Aldeburgh for a collaborative residency with Cynthia Millar that resulted in the live album, Fall Back. In 2013 he scored In Fear which premiered at Sundance Festival and last year performed a live re-scoring of the 1988 animated film Gandahar by Rene Laloux for the BFI sci-fi season. In 2016, following the move to TriAngle, Roly will release his most ambitious project to date, Third Law.

Marcel Weber (MFO) is a Berlin based video artist, who has been creating and directing audiovisual performances, installations and video works since 2001. His work has been featured by institutions including the British Film Institute, Centre Pompidou and festivals such as CTM, Transmediale and Unsound. Weber's performances are concerned with memory and perception, identity formation and dissolution – particularly in the context of possible futures and underlying mythologies.

Recent projects of note include collaborations with film composer Jed Kurzel and producers Tim Hecker, Lustmore, Biosphere and Ben Frost.