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Argentinian DJ and producer, Tayhana has established herself as one of the most powerful musical forces on the South and Central-American dancefloors. Her explosive energy and vast selection of vigorous club tracks, along with an extensive collection of regional hits, make her a favorite of many DJ’s and club-goers.

In addition to producing and DJ’ing, Tayhana also co-founded HiedraH Club de Baile, an essential party continuously revolutionizing both the sonic and physical atmospheres of the Buenos Aires underground. HiedraH Club de Baile politically and provocatively dares to play with varying rhythms from “ghettos” around the globe all while pushing and preserving the experimental evolution of their local sound.

Over the past couple years, Tayhana has collaborated with the record label SALVIATEK in Uruguay and is a recent addition to NAAFI in Mexico, which released her heavy-hitting edit of Soda Plains’ Traiana and Daddy Yankee and Wisin’s Saoco on the massive Pirata 3 compilation and is the home of her future EP.

Currently, Tayhana is developing her new project, “Encuentros Furtivos” (translated to “Stealthy Encounters” in english), a platform for collaborating with different friends and artists, via multiple forms such as music, clothing, and audiovisual elements. The first release will be a pack of tracks with SALVIATEK’s Lechuga Zafiro that play with key parts of Argentinian cumbia turra and Bolivian saya.

One could describe a party at which Tayhana plays as “hype”, but that would be an understatement. Her intensity on the decks is not to be missed.