Wylie Cable

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Wylie Cable is a Los Angeles based artist and the founder of Dome of Doom Records, an independent musician-owned label releasing new experimental music from rising artists and electronic music veterans alike. Wylie has released six full length albums of his own music on the label, and his collaborators include Daedelus, Holly, Kenny Segal, Laura Darlington, and scores of other Los Angeles musicians.  

As the sole curatorial ear behind all the Dome of Doom releases, Wylie’s influence on modern underground music scenes cannot be overstated.  Since 2011, the label has been a bastion for forward-thinking electronic music, an incubator for the next generation of innovative artists spawned from Los Angeles’s famed “beat scene.” With over 100 releases, many available via cassette and vinyl, the label is a driving force in L.A. and beyond.  Having released debut albums from artist like Linafornia, Huxley Anne, Gangus, and Blake Skowron as well as cataloguing essential records from the likes of Great Dane, Daedelus, Speak, DJ Nobody and Kenny Segal, Dome of Doom Records has helped create the bridge the LA beat scene needs to usher in a new generation of world class artists.


When DJing on the same bills with eminent electronic artists like Salva, Daedelus, Faze Miyake, and Reid Speed Cable arranges dynamic rhythms and disparate genres to create an immersive, high-octane show, blending and transforming everything from head-nodding hip-hop to sub-shattering electronica and ethereal psychedelia.  His intense live sets balance a high energy mix of heavy left-field bass and west coast hip hop, with an emphasis on head-nodding low end and the ethereal. Early in his career Cable also worked with Strangeloop and Teaching Machine as skilled a VJ, helping artists like Flosstradamus, RAC and Lauryn Hill achieve striking live visuals for their touring shows.

Wylie also maintains a strong presence on trend setting global radio stations, and continues to support all the artists on the label with his popular radio mixes.  In recent years Wylie has played shows with Loefah on Rinse FM, Tim Parker on NTS with Ivylab, and a three consecutive years running annual Redlight Radio show in Amsterdam.  Dome of Doom Records is also a partial sponsor of famed Los Angeles online radio station Dublab, and Wylie performs regularly out of Dublab’s LA station, along with appearances at Dublab in Germany, and Japan.